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22/09/2016 - New wave of Chinese dumping in Solar → EN DE  

18/08/2016 - European installers in favor of fair competition → EN DE  

18/07/2016 - European solar industry warns Commission against Market Economy Status for China  → EN (206.80KB)

19/04/2016 - EU ProSun: Studie von IHS belegt Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der europäischen Solarindustrie → DE

05/12/2015 - Solar Industry: Expiry Reviews of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures → EN DE

30/11/2015 - EU ProSun calls for the sun to shine at Paris Climate Conference → EN

19/10/2015 - 111 Solar-Installationsbetriebe gegen chinesisches Dumping → DE

08/09/2015 - FAQs EU ProSun: Expiry Review →  EN DE

04/09/2015 - Zwei weitere chinesische Solarhersteller massiver Preisverstöße beschuldigt → DE

15/07/2015 - Dumping zerstört den Wettbewerb so wie Doping den Sport → DE

09/07/2015 - Solar manufacturers welcome U.S. decision against Chinese dumping → EN DE

29/05/2015 - EU ProSun welcomes opening of anti-circumvention investigation against solar imports from Taiwan and Malaysia → EN DE

29/04/2015 - Illegal Solar Trade: New action against Chinese dumping → EN DE IT FR  

29/04/2015 - Rödl & Partner Paper: Solar modules of non-European origin - What buyers should pay attention to → EN DE

29/04/2015 - Rödl & Partner Checklist → EN DE  

17/12/2014 - EU ProSun: US solar tariffs send strong signal to China against dumping and unfair competition → EN DE

30/07/2014 - European Commission surrenders EU solar industry to China, while US imposes 50% tariffs EN

05/06/2014 -  Massive violation of EU trade deal by Chinese solar manufacturers →DE EN FR IT NL

19/05/2014 - EU ProSun: China shies away from nothing in order to have upper hand in trade dispute EN DE  

25/04/2014 - Nach weiterer Insolvenz: Solarbranche schlägt Alarm → DE

14/04/2014 - EU ProSun: "IPCC is clear on need for energy turnaround EU must stop blocking solar, wind and biogas" EN DE

09/04/2014 -  Solar energy companies criticize EU green energy restriction EN DE

31/03/2014 - IPCC: EU solar companies urge politicians to act EN DE

26/02/2014 - EU ProSun zum Gutachten der Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation: „EEG ist der Innovationsmotor in Europa!" DE

27/01/2014 - EU ProSun welcomes German-French solar initiative → EN DE FR

18/12/2013 - New EU Regulation: Origin of photovoltaic modules EN DE  

02/12/2013 - EU imposes tariffs and minimum price on Chinese solar modules EN DE FR IT

28/08/2013 - European Commission confirms massive illegal subsidies to Chinese solar manufacturers EN DE FR IT

07/08/2013 - European solar industry calls for publication of results of anti-subsidy investigation against China EN DE  

02/08/2013 - European Commission accepted illegal deal with China EN DE

29/07/2013 - European Solar Industry: European Commission argues with false data EN DE

27/07/2013 - European Solar Industry Sues Against Compromise in Trade Dispute with China EN DE

19/07/2013 - EU ProSun condemns Chinese tariffs on Polysilicon: "Mafia behaviour from the Middle Kingdom" EN DE  

16/07/2013 - AFASE must stop talking nonsense EN DE  

11/07/2013 - China must make legally acceptable offer to EU or face 47% solar dumping duties EN

06/07/2013 - So-called Chinese offer on solar imports insults Europe EN    

14/06/2013 - Today’s EU Foreign Affairs Council must support European Commission in face of proven dumping and aggression from China EN      

11/06/2013 - European solar manufacturers highlight flimsy claims of China-backed PR organization AFASE EN DE    

05/06/2013 - EU investigation proves massive trade violations by China EN

04/06/2013 - Statement of EU ProSun on EU-decision about anti-dumping measures EN

03/06/2013 - EU ProSun calls on AFASE to stop scaremongering EN

28/05/2013 - EU ProSun comment on the definition of protectionism → EN DE

27/05/2013 - EU ProSun calls on the EU to impose urgent anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar products to save European industry, innovation and jobs → EN DE

24/05/2013 - EU ProSun comment about the 'funeral march' by Afase → EN

24/05/2013 - Europäische Solarhersteller zum Besuch von Li Keqiang in Berlin → DE

22/05/2013 - Anti-dumping measures promote EU solar jobs and growth → EN

09/05/2013 - Anti-dumping measures secure employment in Europe, dumping destroys jobs → EN DE

22/03/2013 - EU ProSun comment on Bosch leaving the solar market → EN

05/03/2013 - EU to register Chinese solar imports with immediate effect → EN FR DE IT ES

19/02/2013 - EU ProSun: Fair competition does not endanger jobs → EN FR DE IT ES    

05/02/2013 - EU ProSun supports solar glass manufacturers complaint to EU against China’s destructive dumping → EN FR DE IT ES  

23/11/2012 - European solar manufacturers welcome European Parliament debate on Chinese dumping → EN DE     

08/11/2012 - EU ProSun applauds launch of EU investigation into China’s illegal solar subsidies → EN FR DE IT ES  

11/10/2012 - European solar manufacturers welcome latest US anti-dumping decision → EN DE      

25/09/2012 - EU ProSun calls on EU to investigate China’s illegal solar subsidies which have fed massive overcapacity → EN FR DE IT ES  

06/09/2012 - EU ProSun applauds launch of EU Investigation into Unfair Competition from Chinese solar manufacturers → EN FR DE IT ES    

26/07/2012 - EU ProSun, the new Sustainable Solar Energy Initiative for Europe calls on the European Commission to investigate unfair trade practices by Chinese manufacturers → EN FR DE IT ES

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22/09/2016 - EUbussiness: EU Trade Ministers: Safeguard European trade defense instruments urge European Manufacturers  → View

22/09/2016 - AEGIS Europe: EU Trade Ministers: Safeguard European trade defense instruments urge European Manufacturers  → View

02/09/2016 - AEGIS Europe: European manufacturing industries call on G20 leaders to tackle widespread Chinese overproduction and overcapacities  → View

14/09/2016 - Daily Mail: China solar panel glut undermines EU-China accord → View

23/08/2016 - Reuters: EU reimposes anti-dumping duties on three Chinese solar panel exporters → View

23/08/2016 - PV Magazine: EU reimposes AD solar duties on three more Chinese companies → View

18/08/2016 - PV Tech: EU Commission cuts five more firms from solar MIP undertaking → View

03/08/2016 - EU Commission: Commission imposes definitive anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel product → View

21/07/2016 - Reuters: EU to change trade defence rules in response to China → View

20/07/2016 - AEGIS Europe: China MES: EU Industry expresses cautious relief in reaction to European Commission announcement → View

18/07/2016 - AEGIS Europe: China MES - Commission to debate China’s "licence to dump" on 20 July → View

14/07/2016 - AEGIS Europe: China’s industrial overcapacity is destroying key European industries → View

11/07/2016 - AEGIS Europe: European industry calls on EU to prove its backbone towards China → View

01/07/2016 - PV Magazine: Turkey opens anti-dumping investigation against Chinese solar firms → View

01/07/2016 - PV Tech: Turkey opens anti-dumping investigation into Chinese module imports → View

29/06/2016 - PV Magazine: China's Shinetime withdrawn from EU MIP undertaking → View

29/06/2016 - PV Tech: EU withdraws Shinetime China from MIP → View

29/04/2016 - AEGIS Europe: Industry welcomes German Minister’s statement about China's Market Economy Status: “China must abide by the rules” → View

15/04/2016 - Engergy Tremd: Wuxi Suntech Suspected of Being Involved in Polysilicon Smuggling → View

08/04/2016 - Bloomberg: China said to push for $1.16 Billion in loans for Yingli → View

04/04/2016 - PV Tech: Yingli settles Solyndra lawsuit → View

05/04/2016 - PV Magazine: SolarCity/Silevo may have to pay duties on Chinese-made cells → View

05/04/2016 - PV Tech: SolarCity’s Silevo modules to be included in China-US trade case → View

29/03/2016 - Forbes: Lessons From The Aluminum Industry: The Hidden Cost Of China's Cheap Solar → View

14/03/2016 - PV Magazine: U.S. trade authorities to rule on import duties for Silevo → View

04/03/2016 - PV Tech: Trina Solar warns of overcapacity in 2016. Should the industry panic? → View

23/02/2016 - The nation: Chinese Overcapacity a Growing Concern, EU Businesses Say → View

18/02/2016 - ICTSD: EU Commission Extends China Solar Duties to Taiwan, Malaysia → View

16/02/2016 - Alt Energy Stocks: EU Extends Punitive Tariffs To Transshipped Chinese Solar Panels → View

15/02/2016 - AEGIS Europe: European Industry Marches on Brussels Today to Stop China Dumping and Reject MES → View

15/02/2016 - PV Tech: European solar manufacturers join protest against China trade status change → View

13/01/2016 - PV Magazine: Solar gets a nod in U.S. President Obama’s last State of the Union address → View

12/01/2016 - PV Tech: Australia’s solar anti-dumping investigations resurrected → View

12/01/2016 - AEGIS Europe: Stop China Dumping: EU industry alliance says no to Market Economy Status (MES) → View

12/01/2016 - Solarserver: More than 35,000 U.S. solar jobs added in 2015, bringing the nation’s solar workforce total to nearly 209,000 → View

07/01/2016 - Bloomberg: EU Solar-Panel Industry Loses Bid to Revamp China Price Pact → View

22/12/2015 - PV Magazine: EU: Anti-circumvention duties for Chinese solar products shipped via Taiwan, Malaysia → View

05/12/2015 - Reuters: EU solar panel producers win Chinese import curb extension → View

05/12/2015 - Bloomberg: Chinese Solar-Panel Makers Face Possible Renewal of EU Tariffs → View


01/12/2015 - PV Magazine: COP21: India to install 12 GW of solar in 2016 → View

13/11/2015 - PV Magazine: EC removes Chint Solar and Sunny Solar from minimum price agreement → View

04/11/2015 - PV Tech: EC rejects calls to replace MIP pricing benchmark → View

30/10/2015 - Reuters: Merkel backs China's market status, but homework required → View

22/10/2015 - AEGIS Europe: EU: 2015 trade deficit with China booms by more than €40 billion to record high → View

13/10/2015 - PV Magazine: Trade case: Taiwan investigates 7 solar manufacturers → View

18/09/2015 - Reuters: EU could lose 3.5 million jobs if cuts trade defences against China - report → View

18/09/2015 - Politico: EU industry tries to block new trade rights for China → View

18/09/2015 - EurActiv: Manufacturers warn against dropping guard on China → View

18/09/2015 - AEGIS Europe: 3.5 million jobs at risk if EU grants Market Economy Status to China, finds new report → View

08/09/2015 - Reuters: EU solar panel producers seek extension to Chinese import limits → View

08/09/2015 - PV tech: EU ProSun requests extension of trade duties as old battlelines redrawn → View

03/09/2015 - PV Magazine: EC to cut two more Chinese producers from minimum price agreement → View

20/08/2015 - PV Magazine: Znshine officially out of MIP → View

10/07/2015 - PV Magazine: Reports of a halt in production at Yingli → View

09/07/2015 - Bloomberg: U.S. Imposes Dumping Duties on Imports of Chinese Solar Goods → View

06/07/2015 - PV Magazine: Canada issues ruling on anti-dumping case, final duties set → View

06/07/2015 - PV Tech: Trina Solar’s Malaysian manufacturing plans were blocked by government, claim reports → View

06/07/2015 - PV tech: Canada rubber stamps duties on Chinese solar → View

03/07/2015 - PV Magazine: Znshine removed from EU minimum price → View

17/06/2015 - PV Tech: Failed module brand QSolar used fake TÜV SÜD certificates → View

10/06/2015 - PV Magazine: Intersolar Europe: SolarWorld exits SolarPower Europe trade body → View

10/06/2015 - PV Tech: Intersolar 2015: SolarWorld quits SolarPower Europe over trade dispute → View

09/06/2015 - Energy Trend: ReneSola, ET Solar Withdrew from EU-China MIP Deal, Canadian Solar to Review Legal Options → View

05/06/2015 - PV Magazine: Eu Prosun calls for PV MIP investigation to be extended following solar companies' breach→  View

05/06/2015 - Energy Trend: Canada Announces Final Result of Dumping, Subsidy in Chinese PV Products → View

29/05/2015 - Bloomberg: Solarworld Gains EU Probes of Possible China Duty Evasion → View

29/05/2015 - PV Magazine: EU to extend solar trade investigation to Malaysia, Taiwan → View

29/05/2014 - PV Tech: EU investigating adding Malaysia and Taiwan to solar trade case → View

06/05/2015 - PV Tech: How changing WTO rules on China could sink trade duties → View

05/05/2015 - PV Tech: EU-China solar trade agreement under investigation → View

05/05/2015 - Bloomberg: EU Solar-Panel Industry Wins Review of China Price Pact → View

28/04/2015 - Reuters: EU solar producers launch new action against Chinese rivals → View

13/03/2015 - Bloomberg: EU proposes ending duty-free access for three China solar firms → View

10/03/2015 - PV Magazine: Dutch authorities investigating possible PV module import violations → View

10/03/2015 - PV Tech: Chinese PV firms face exclusion from EU price deal → View

09/03/2015 - PV Magazine: Three Chinese manufacturers to be removed from minimum price agreement → View

06/03/2015 - Bloomberg: Canada Imposes Tariff on Imported Chinese Solar Equipment → View

27/01/2015 – PV Magazine: One-third of SMA staff to lose their jobs → View

23/01/2015 – Sun Wind & Energy: Hanwha Q CELLS closes German production site → View

21/01/2015 – PV Tech: US-China trade tariffs to proceed following crucial ITC vote → View

17/12/2014 – Bloomberg: Duties Set by U.S. on Imports of China, Taiwan Solar Goods → View

16/12/2014 – Reuters: U.S. confirms duties on solar goods from China, Taiwan → View

11/12/2014 – Solarserver: Solar-Fabrik AG anticipates solid negative EBIT-margin → View 

08/12/2014 – Global Times: Canada launches solar anti-dumping probe → View

24/11/2014 – PV Magazine: Chinese-owned Elkem to buy REC Solar → View 

28/10/2014 – PV Tech: De Gucht in conciliatory mood with Chinese over solar spat → View

27/10/2014 – PV Tech: Exclusive: New twist in EU-China trade row could spread tariffs to new countries → View

30/07/2014 – Reuters: EU/China solar deal offers no dumping protection - EU producers → View

27/06/2014 – WSJ: SolarWorld: China's Cyber-Espionage Affords Dual Unfair Edges in Trade Struggles → View

26/06/2014 – Reuters: EU to investigate China, Taiwan stainless steel dumping claims → View

23/06/2014 – UK solar firms facing audits as part of import duty dodging crackdown → View

04/06/2014 – WSJ: EU Solar Firms Accuse Chinese Rivals of Violating Agreement → View

03/06/2014 – WSJ: U.S.-China Solar-Products Dispute Heats Up → View

21/05/2014 – Business Standard: Solar cell imports may see high anti-dumping duty → View

21/05/2014 – Taipei Times: Taiwanese PV providers could benefit from Australian antidumping probe → View

19/05/2014 - PV Tech: Chinese military hacked into sensitive SolarWorld files, US claims → View

15/05/2014 - PV tech: Trade war: India finds evidence of solar import dumping → View

18/03/2014 - PV Tech: UK trade group warns installers on EU solar duty evasion → View

18/03/2014 - Wacker and Chinese Ministry of Commerce find Amicable Solution for Imported Polysilicon → View

07/01/2014 - PV Magazine: Yingli joins forces with China National Nuclear Corp. for 500 MW of solar projects → View

31/12/2013 - Wall Street Journal: One Year After Winning Trade Ruling, SolarWorld Works to Finish Job of Restoring U.S. Competition → View

18/12/2013 - COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU): determination of the origin of modules (PDF) → View

17/12/2013 - PV-Tech: Sharp closing uncompetitive UK solar module assembly plant → View

13/12/2013 - Reuters: China pressures France in wine row despite EU deal → View

13/12/2013 - Recharge: SAG Solarstrom files for insolvency → View

09/12/2013 - PV-Tech: Lawyers warn China’s solar trade cheats could land EU buyers in jail → View

05/12/2013 - EU REGULATIONS, complete edition (PDF) → View

03/12/2013 - PV-Tech: EU ProSun: European Court will annul China solar trade deal → View

02/12/2013 - EC Press release:EU imposes definitive measures on Chinese solar panels, confirms undertaking with Chinese solar panel exporters → View

27/11/2013 - Bloomberg: EU Hits Chinese Solar-Glass Exporters With Tariffs Up to 42.1% → View

28/10/2013 - SIC PROCESSING GMBH: Solar supplier SiC Processing is going to sue Chinese solar panel group Yingli for claims totalling approx. € 23 million → View

17/10/2013 - Centrosolar Group AG: Restructuring under protective shield → View

14/10/2013 - PV Magazine: Solar glass manufacturer criticises Chinese oversupply → View

10/10/2013 - PV Magazine: Polysilicon Manufacturers named in U.S. Lawsuit → View

07/10/2013 - WSJ: Energy Conversion Trustee Sues Chinese Companies $950 Million for Alleged Price Fixing → View

29/09/2013 - Reuters: China to offer tax breaks to solar power manufacturers → View

13/09/2013 - PV Magazine: Aleo Solar AG to close all US operations → View

12/09/2013 - PV Tech: Avancis to cease PV module production for ‘no more’ than one year → View

30/08/2013 - Forbes: Europe Says Chinese Solar Manufacturers Violated Trade Laws → View

30/08/2013 - PV Magazine: Centrosolar believes antidumping measures will likely "change the game" → View

28/08/2013 - Euractiv: EU says China gave illegal aid to solar industry → View

27/08/2013 - Bloomberg: EU Finds Chinese Solar-Panel Makers Got Aid, Raising Duty Threat → View

05/08/2013 - PV Magazine: China-EU solar imports, to cap or not to cap? → View

04/08/2013 - SolarPVInvestor: The EU Minimum Price Benefits Chinese Solar Companies → View

03/08/2013 - Commission Decision (Undertaking)View

03/08/2013 - Commission Regulation (EU)View

02/08/2013 - Wall Street Journal: Learning How to Kowtow → View

01/08/2013 - Wall Street Journal: Solar-Panel Dispute Burns Hole in EU Strategy → View

30/07/2013 - Financial Times: Karel De Gucht: Frustrated and outflanked → View

16/06/2013 - Financial Times: Chinese industry: Ambitious in excess → View

12/06/2013 - Financial Times: Europe must stand up to China’s trade distorting practices → View

04/06/2013 - COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) on imposing a provisional anti-dumping duty → View

04/06/2013 - European Commission: EU imposes provisional anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar panels →View

28/05/2013 - The New York Times: Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels → View

24/05/2013 - The Wall Street Journal: Solar Firms in China Try to Avoid EU Tariffs → View

21/05/2013 - BBC: China 'cannot be free rider on trade' → View

17/05/2013 - PV Tech: US installs 845MW in Q1 2013 → View

07/05/2013 - The Diplomat: Will the EU Kill China’s Solar Industry? → View

27/04/2013 - Reuters: European Commission launches Chinese solar glass subsidy inquiry → View

23/04/2013 - PV Tech: CDB loans Yingli Green US$165 million for polysilicon purchases → View

10/04/2013 - The Wall Street Journal: Europe Seeks New Trade Weapons → View

22/03/2013 - Bosch: Bosch ends photovoltaics activities → View

14/03/2013 - America’s Share of the Global Solar Market Grew Strongly in 2012 → View

05/03/2013 - Bloomberg: EU to Register Chinese Solar Panels, Highlighting Tariff Threat → View

28/02/2013 - Reuters: EU starts trade investigation into China over solar glass → View

18/02/2013 - PV Tech: Solar Shakeout: Iatso files for insolvency → View

12/02/2013 - Wind and solar saw record growth in 2012, industries claim → View

07/02/2013 - PV Magazine: 330 GW of global PV capacity predicted by 2020 → View

06/02/2013 - China's solar glass a trade issue → View

05/02/2013 - EU ProSun Glass press release: EU ProSun Glass, under the leadership of GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH, has requested that the European Commission investigate dumped imports of solar glass from China. → View

05/02/2013 - Isofoton Cutting 380 Workers At Solar Factory Under Restructuring Plan → View

05/02/2013 - pv magazine: Solar glass anti-dumping compliant filed in Europe → View


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  • FAQs: Early December, two years after the implementation of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on solar imports from China, the European Commission is expected to open an examination procedure regarding the extension of these measures.
    Opponents of these measures currently propagate misstatements and myths about this process. For clarification EU ProSun is offering the following FAQs → View


  • Rödl & Partner Paper Solar modules of non-European origin - What buyers should pay attention to → View


  • Additional video footage on photovoltaic production, interviews and other materials can be found under →


  • U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration Fact Sheet: Commerce Finds Dumping and Subsidization of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells, Whether or Not Assembled into Modules from the People’s Republic of China → View


  • United States International Trade Commission: Press release 7 November 2012: Crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules from China injures U.S. industry, says USITC → View


  • Examples of subsidies granted to Chinese solar industry: short excerpt of the EU ProSun anti-subsidy complaintView
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  • PWC Final Report (1.30 MB) Download
  • PwC report - 1 page summary (41.84 KB) Download
  • EU ProSun - briefing paper (77.72 KB) Download
  • Market Share Europe Crystalline Solar Module (1.42 MB) Download
  • Examples of subsidies granted to Chinese solar industry (66.44 KB) Download
  • China's Five Year Plan - translation (132.79 KB) Download
  • EU-US Comparison. China misleads Europe on impact of illegal dumping to jobs and growth (268.50 KB) Download
  • Chinese Solar Modules Overcapacity in 2011 (1.45 MB) Download
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