Press Releases

04/09/2015 - Zwei weitere chinesische Solarhersteller massiver Preisverstöße beschuldigt → DE

15/07/2015 - Dumping zerstört den Wettbewerb so wie Doping den Sport → DE

09/07/2015 - Solar manufacturers welcome U.S. decision against Chinese dumping → EN DE

29/05/2015 - EU ProSun welcomes opening of anti-circumvention investigation against solar imports from Taiwan and Malaysia → EN DE

29/04/2015 - Illegal Solar Trade: New action against Chinese dumping → EN DE IT FR  

29/04/2015 - Rödl & Partner Paper: Solar modules of non-European origin - What buyers should pay attention to → EN DE

29/04/2015 - Rödl & Partner Checklist → EN DE  

17/12/2014 - EU ProSun: US solar tariffs send strong signal to China against dumping and unfair competition → EN DE

30/07/2014 - European Commission surrenders EU solar industry to China, while US imposes 50% tariffs EN

05/06/2014 -  Massive violation of EU trade deal by Chinese solar manufacturers →DE EN FR IT NL

19/05/2014 - EU ProSun: China shies away from nothing in order to have upper hand in trade dispute EN DE  

25/04/2014 - Nach weiterer Insolvenz: Solarbranche schlägt Alarm → DE

14/04/2014 - EU ProSun: "IPCC is clear on need for energy turnaround EU must stop blocking solar, wind and biogas" EN DE

09/04/2014 -  Solar energy companies criticize EU green energy restriction EN DE

31/03/2014 - IPCC: EU solar companies urge politicians to act EN DE

26/02/2014 - EU ProSun zum Gutachten der Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation: „EEG ist der Innovationsmotor in Europa!" DE

27/01/2014 - EU ProSun welcomes German-French solar initiative → EN DE FR

18/12/2013 - New EU Regulation: Origin of photovoltaic modules EN DE  

02/12/2013 - EU imposes tariffs and minimum price on Chinese solar modules EN DE FR IT

28/08/2013 - European Commission confirms massive illegal subsidies to Chinese solar manufacturers EN DE FR IT

07/08/2013 - European solar industry calls for publication of results of anti-subsidy investigation against China EN DE  

02/08/2013 - European Commission accepted illegal deal with China EN DE

29/07/2013 - European Solar Industry: European Commission argues with false data EN DE

27/07/2013 - European Solar Industry Sues Against Compromise in Trade Dispute with China EN DE

19/07/2013 - EU ProSun condemns Chinese tariffs on Polysilicon: "Mafia behaviour from the Middle Kingdom" EN DE  

16/07/2013 - AFASE must stop talking nonsense EN DE  

11/07/2013 - China must make legally acceptable offer to EU or face 47% solar dumping duties EN

06/07/2013 - So-called Chinese offer on solar imports insults Europe EN    

14/06/2013 - Today’s EU Foreign Affairs Council must support European Commission in face of proven dumping and aggression from China EN      

11/06/2013 - European solar manufacturers highlight flimsy claims of China-backed PR organization AFASE EN DE    

05/06/2013 - EU investigation proves massive trade violations by China EN

04/06/2013 - Statement of EU ProSun on EU-decision about anti-dumping measures EN

03/06/2013 - EU ProSun calls on AFASE to stop scaremongering EN

28/05/2013 - EU ProSun comment on the definition of protectionism → EN DE

27/05/2013 - EU ProSun calls on the EU to impose urgent anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar products to save European industry, innovation and jobs → EN DE

24/05/2013 - EU ProSun comment about the 'funeral march' by Afase → EN

24/05/2013 - Europäische Solarhersteller zum Besuch von Li Keqiang in Berlin → DE

22/05/2013 - Anti-dumping measures promote EU solar jobs and growth → EN

09/05/2013 - Anti-dumping measures secure employment in Europe, dumping destroys jobs → EN DE

22/03/2013 - EU ProSun comment on Bosch leaving the solar market → EN

05/03/2013 - EU to register Chinese solar imports with immediate effect → EN FR DE IT ES

19/02/2013 - EU ProSun: Fair competition does not endanger jobs → EN FR DE IT ES    

05/02/2013 - EU ProSun supports solar glass manufacturers complaint to EU against China’s destructive dumping → EN FR DE IT ES  

23/11/2012 - European solar manufacturers welcome European Parliament debate on Chinese dumping → EN DE     

08/11/2012 - EU ProSun applauds launch of EU investigation into China’s illegal solar subsidies → EN FR DE IT ES  

11/10/2012 - European solar manufacturers welcome latest US anti-dumping decision → EN DE      

25/09/2012 - EU ProSun calls on EU to investigate China’s illegal solar subsidies which have fed massive overcapacity → EN FR DE IT ES  

06/09/2012 - EU ProSun applauds launch of EU Investigation into Unfair Competition from Chinese solar manufacturers → EN FR DE IT ES    

26/07/2012 - EU ProSun, the new Sustainable Solar Energy Initiative for Europe calls on the European Commission to investigate unfair trade practices by Chinese manufacturers → EN FR DE IT ES

Latest news

03/09/2015 - PV Magazine: EC to cut two more Chinese producers from minimum price agreement → View

20/08/2015 - PV Magazine: Znshine officially out of MIP → View

10/07/2015 - PV Magazine: Reports of a halt in production at Yingli → View

09/07/2015 - Bloomberg: U.S. Imposes Dumping Duties on Imports of Chinese Solar Goods → View

06/07/2015 - PV Magazine: Canada issues ruling on anti-dumping case, final duties set → View

06/07/2015 - PV Tech: Trina Solar’s Malaysian manufacturing plans were blocked by government, claim reports → View

06/07/2015 - PV tech: Canada rubber stamps duties on Chinese solar → View

03/07/2015 - PV Magazine: Znshine removed from EU minimum price → View

17/06/2015 - PV Tech: Failed module brand QSolar used fake TÜV SÜD certificates → View

10/06/2015 - PV Magazine: Intersolar Europe: SolarWorld exits SolarPower Europe trade body → View

10/06/2015 - PV Tech: Intersolar 2015: SolarWorld quits SolarPower Europe over trade dispute → View

09/06/2015 - Energy Trend: ReneSola, ET Solar Withdrew from EU-China MIP Deal, Canadian Solar to Review Legal Options → View

05/06/2015 - PV Magazine: Eu Prosun calls for PV MIP investigation to be extended following solar companies' breach→  View

05/06/2015 - Energy Trend: Canada Announces Final Result of Dumping, Subsidy in Chinese PV Products → View

29/05/2015 - Bloomberg: Solarworld Gains EU Probes of Possible China Duty Evasion → View

29/05/2015 - PV Magazine: EU to extend solar trade investigation to Malaysia, Taiwan → View

29/05/2014 - PV Tech: EU investigating adding Malaysia and Taiwan to solar trade case → View

06/05/2015 - PV Tech: How changing WTO rules on China could sink trade duties → View

05/05/2015 - PV Tech: EU-China solar trade agreement under investigation → View

05/05/2015 - Bloomberg: EU Solar-Panel Industry Wins Review of China Price Pact → View

28/04/2015 - Reuters: EU solar producers launch new action against Chinese rivals → View

13/03/2015 - Bloomberg: EU proposes ending duty-free access for three China solar firms → View

10/03/2015 - PV Magazine: Dutch authorities investigating possible PV module import violations → View

10/03/2015 - PV Tech: Chinese PV firms face exclusion from EU price deal → View

09/03/2015 - PV Magazine: Three Chinese manufacturers to be removed from minimum price agreement → View

06/03/2015 - Bloomberg: Canada Imposes Tariff on Imported Chinese Solar Equipment → View

27/01/2015 – PV Magazine: One-third of SMA staff to lose their jobs → View

23/01/2015 – Sun Wind & Energy: Hanwha Q CELLS closes German production site → View

21/01/2015 – PV Tech: US-China trade tariffs to proceed following crucial ITC vote → View

17/12/2014 – Bloomberg: Duties Set by U.S. on Imports of China, Taiwan Solar Goods → View

16/12/2014 – Reuters: U.S. confirms duties on solar goods from China, Taiwan → View

11/12/2014 – Solarserver: Solar-Fabrik AG anticipates solid negative EBIT-margin → View 

08/12/2014 – Global Times: Canada launches solar anti-dumping probe → View

24/11/2014 – PV Magazine: Chinese-owned Elkem to buy REC Solar → View 

28/10/2014 – PV Tech: De Gucht in conciliatory mood with Chinese over solar spat → View

27/10/2014 – PV Tech: Exclusive: New twist in EU-China trade row could spread tariffs to new countries → View

30/07/2014 – Reuters: EU/China solar deal offers no dumping protection - EU producers → View

27/06/2014 – WSJ: SolarWorld: China's Cyber-Espionage Affords Dual Unfair Edges in Trade Struggles → View

26/06/2014 – Reuters: EU to investigate China, Taiwan stainless steel dumping claims → View

23/06/2014 – UK solar firms facing audits as part of import duty dodging crackdown → View

04/06/2014 – WSJ: EU Solar Firms Accuse Chinese Rivals of Violating Agreement → View

03/06/2014 – WSJ: U.S.-China Solar-Products Dispute Heats Up → View

21/05/2014 – Business Standard: Solar cell imports may see high anti-dumping duty → View

21/05/2014 – Taipei Times: Taiwanese PV providers could benefit from Australian antidumping probe → View

19/05/2014 - PV Tech: Chinese military hacked into sensitive SolarWorld files, US claims → View

15/05/2014 - PV tech: Trade war: India finds evidence of solar import dumping → View

18/03/2014 - PV Tech: UK trade group warns installers on EU solar duty evasion → View

18/03/2014 - Wacker and Chinese Ministry of Commerce find Amicable Solution for Imported Polysilicon → View

07/01/2014 - PV Magazine: Yingli joins forces with China National Nuclear Corp. for 500 MW of solar projects → View

31/12/2013 - Wall Street Journal: One Year After Winning Trade Ruling, SolarWorld Works to Finish Job of Restoring U.S. Competition → View

18/12/2013 - COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU): determination of the origin of modules (PDF) → View

17/12/2013 - PV-Tech: Sharp closing uncompetitive UK solar module assembly plant → View

13/12/2013 - Reuters: China pressures France in wine row despite EU deal → View

13/12/2013 - Recharge: SAG Solarstrom files for insolvency → View

09/12/2013 - PV-Tech: Lawyers warn China’s solar trade cheats could land EU buyers in jail → View

05/12/2013 - EU REGULATIONS, complete edition (PDF) → View

03/12/2013 - PV-Tech: EU ProSun: European Court will annul China solar trade deal → View

02/12/2013 - EC Press release:EU imposes definitive measures on Chinese solar panels, confirms undertaking with Chinese solar panel exporters → View

27/11/2013 - Bloomberg: EU Hits Chinese Solar-Glass Exporters With Tariffs Up to 42.1% → View

28/10/2013 - SIC PROCESSING GMBH: Solar supplier SiC Processing is going to sue Chinese solar panel group Yingli for claims totalling approx. € 23 million → View

17/10/2013 - Centrosolar Group AG: Restructuring under protective shield → View

14/10/2013 - PV Magazine: Solar glass manufacturer criticises Chinese oversupply → View

10/10/2013 - PV Magazine: Polysilicon Manufacturers named in U.S. Lawsuit → View

07/10/2013 - WSJ: Energy Conversion Trustee Sues Chinese Companies $950 Million for Alleged Price Fixing → View

29/09/2013 - Reuters: China to offer tax breaks to solar power manufacturers → View

13/09/2013 - PV Magazine: Aleo Solar AG to close all US operations → View

12/09/2013 - PV Tech: Avancis to cease PV module production for ‘no more’ than one year → View

30/08/2013 - Forbes: Europe Says Chinese Solar Manufacturers Violated Trade Laws → View

30/08/2013 - PV Magazine: Centrosolar believes antidumping measures will likely "change the game" → View

28/08/2013 - Euractiv: EU says China gave illegal aid to solar industry → View

27/08/2013 - Bloomberg: EU Finds Chinese Solar-Panel Makers Got Aid, Raising Duty Threat → View

05/08/2013 - PV Magazine: China-EU solar imports, to cap or not to cap? → View

04/08/2013 - SolarPVInvestor: The EU Minimum Price Benefits Chinese Solar Companies → View

03/08/2013 - Commission Decision (Undertaking)View

03/08/2013 - Commission Regulation (EU)View

02/08/2013 - Wall Street Journal: Learning How to Kowtow → View

01/08/2013 - Wall Street Journal: Solar-Panel Dispute Burns Hole in EU Strategy → View

30/07/2013 - Financial Times: Karel De Gucht: Frustrated and outflanked → View

16/06/2013 - Financial Times: Chinese industry: Ambitious in excess → View

12/06/2013 - Financial Times: Europe must stand up to China’s trade distorting practices → View

04/06/2013 - COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) on imposing a provisional anti-dumping duty → View

04/06/2013 - European Commission: EU imposes provisional anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar panels →View

28/05/2013 - The New York Times: Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels → View

24/05/2013 - The Wall Street Journal: Solar Firms in China Try to Avoid EU Tariffs → View

21/05/2013 - BBC: China 'cannot be free rider on trade' → View

17/05/2013 - PV Tech: US installs 845MW in Q1 2013 → View

07/05/2013 - The Diplomat: Will the EU Kill China’s Solar Industry? → View

27/04/2013 - Reuters: European Commission launches Chinese solar glass subsidy inquiry → View

23/04/2013 - PV Tech: CDB loans Yingli Green US$165 million for polysilicon purchases → View

10/04/2013 - The Wall Street Journal: Europe Seeks New Trade Weapons → View

22/03/2013 - Bosch: Bosch ends photovoltaics activities → View

14/03/2013 - America’s Share of the Global Solar Market Grew Strongly in 2012 → View

05/03/2013 - Bloomberg: EU to Register Chinese Solar Panels, Highlighting Tariff Threat → View

28/02/2013 - Reuters: EU starts trade investigation into China over solar glass → View

18/02/2013 - PV Tech: Solar Shakeout: Iatso files for insolvency → View

12/02/2013 - Wind and solar saw record growth in 2012, industries claim → View

07/02/2013 - PV Magazine: 330 GW of global PV capacity predicted by 2020 → View

06/02/2013 - China's solar glass a trade issue → View

05/02/2013 - EU ProSun Glass press release: EU ProSun Glass, under the leadership of GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH, has requested that the European Commission investigate dumped imports of solar glass from China. → View

05/02/2013 - Isofoton Cutting 380 Workers At Solar Factory Under Restructuring Plan → View

05/02/2013 - pv magazine: Solar glass anti-dumping compliant filed in Europe → View


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  • U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration Fact Sheet: Commerce Finds Dumping and Subsidization of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells, Whether or Not Assembled into Modules from the People’s Republic of China → View


  • United States International Trade Commission: Press release 7 November 2012: Crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules from China injures U.S. industry, says USITC → View


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