Fair competition and free trade

Fair competition and free trade benefit development of sustainable solar energy, boost technological innovation and drive prices down. EU ProSun supports free trade of solar panels without illegal government intervention favouring one country above another. Legal robust competition will allow for long-term gains in efficiency and affordability of solar panels. Illegal trade distorting practices only stifle innovation. There is no level playing field for EU solar manufacturers with China.

There is no level playing field for EU solar manufacturers with China

While the European market is wide open for Chinese companies to exploit, the Chinese market is effectively blocked for EU solar panels. There are virtually no EU solar panels exported to China despite their technological advantages. China’s per capita solar PV power capacity is among the lowest in the world. Although China is now beginning to grow its installed solar energy capacity there are no realistic opportunities for EU solar panel manufacturers to export to China.


There is a general feeling in Europe that economic openness in China is not improving. The recent annual report from the EU Chamber of Commerce in China seems to confirm that the business climate in China gets worse, reflecting a severe imbalance in market access and significant behind-the-border issues.” Speech ‘Making the EU-China trade relations work Karel De Gucht. European Commissioner for Trade Brussels, 8 November 2011

If the EU restores fair competition, the EU solar industry can remain the world technology leader

European companies are competitive with any country in the world thanks to their technological advantages, high product quality and automation of production. However they are not able to compete with the government of China subsidizing the solar industry in a drive to dominate global solar PV production.


European companies currently dominate the global renewable energy manufacturing sector, employing over 1.5 million people with a turnover of over EUR 50 billion. With continued strong growth the sector could provide another million jobs by 2020 and double or even triple its turnover Source European Commission Renewables make the difference 2011

If the EU applies trade defence measures, European solar manufacturers can survive and drive growth, jobs and eco-innovation

European manufacturers are committed to high environmental, production and labour standards. If a level playing field is established with China, hundreds of thousands of new jobs will be created, the EU will keep its status as the world’s leading innovator in the field and the use of solar power in Europe will continue to grow.