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Our goals

1. Solar for Europe's Future – Increasing the share of solar and renewable energy.

2. Sustainable Solar - Solar products should be manufactured using the highest environmental and labour standards, embracing new technologies and supporting local communities.

3. Healthy Competition – Undistorted competition as the motor of innovation and affordability over the long term.

Press Releases

30/07/2014 - European Commission surrenders EU solar industry to China, while US imposes 50% tariffs EN

05/06/2014 -  Massive violation of EU trade deal by Chinese solar manufacturers →DE EN FR IT NL

19/05/2014 - EU ProSun: China shies away from nothing in order to have upper hand in trade dispute EN DE  

25/04/2014 - Nach weiterer Insolvenz: Solarbranche schlägt Alarm → DE

14/04/2014 - EU ProSun: "IPCC is clear on need for energy turnaround EU must stop blocking solar, wind and biogas" EN DE



EU ProSun is a joint initiative of members of the EU solar industry. The mission of EU ProSun is to promote sustainable energy production using solar technology. EU has decided on clear climate goals for 2020, which will be an important step towards leaving behind risky technologies such as nuclear energy and to considerably limit the unnecessary CO2 emissions.

EU ProSun believes that photovoltaic energy systems can become a major pillar of the energy revolution in Europe.

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