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Our goals

1. Solar for Europe's Future – Increasing the share of solar and renewable energy.

2. Sustainable Solar - Solar products should be manufactured using the highest environmental and labour standards, embracing new technologies and supporting local communities.

3. Healthy Competition – Undistorted competition as the motor of innovation and affordability over the long term.

Press Releases

06/03/2017 - Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy duties on Chinese solar products extended for 18 months → EN DE

21/12/2016 - European Commission plans to extend anti-dumping measures against solar imports from China → EN DE

16/12/2016 - Fjellner letter is another senseless assault on EU manufacturing → EN  

23/11/2016 - Sweden scraps solar tax → EN DE

02/11/2016 -  European Commission about to axe renewables Extension → EN DE



EU ProSun is a joint initiative of members of the EU solar industry. The mission of EU ProSun is to promote sustainable energy production using solar technology. EU has decided on clear climate goals for 2020, which will be an important step towards leaving behind risky technologies such as nuclear energy and to considerably limit the unnecessary CO2 emissions.

EU ProSun believes that photovoltaic energy systems can become a major pillar of the energy revolution in Europe.

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01/03/2017 - IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU): Continuation of AD-measures → View

01/03/2017 - IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU): Continuation of AS-measures → View


17/02/2017 - Reuters: EU countries clear 18-month extension of China solar duties → View

08/02/2017 - AFP: EU to phase out China solar panel duties  → View

07/02/2017 - Reuters: U.S. solar jobs grew 25 percent last year  → View

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12/01/2017 - PV Tech: Record 70GW solar added globally last year despite reduced investment – BNEF → View

30/12/2016 - Bloomberg:Solar Panels Now So Cheap Manufacturers Probably Selling at Loss → View

30/12/2016 - Energy Trend: Preliminary Ruling for Review on US’s Anti-dumping Duty Announced, the Lowest Rate Goes to 7.72% → View

21/12/2016 - PV Tech: European Commission proposes two-year extension on Chinese solar trade duties →  View

21/12/2016 - Reuters: EU Commission favours keeping limits on Chinese solar Panels → View

19/12/2016 - PV Magazine: Global solar market on course for 10th consecutive year of growth, says IHS Markit → View

15/12/2016 - Bloomberg: World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind → View

09/12/2016 - AEGIS Europe: China WTO Market Economy Status: What changes after 11 December? Nothing. → View

08/12/2016 - PV Tech: EC removes Seraphim Solar from MIP → View

30/12/2016 - Clean Technica: Global Solar Installations To Reach 76 GW In 2016, According To Mercom → View

17/11/2016 - PV Magazine: Solar demand to contract 7% next year before sustained growth, finds GTM Report → View

09/11/2016 - AEGIS Europe: New Commission Anti-Dumping proposal undermines legal certainty in EU trade defence policy → View

09/11/2016 - PV Magazine: US election: solar, renewable and climate advocates cool on Trump win → View

27/10/2016 - AEGIS Europe: EU Industry, Trade Associations, and EU Institutions representatives co-signed a letter on MES China, which has been sent today to EU Commissioners → View

18/10/2016 - AEGIS Europe: Robust EU trade defence system is fundamental to the future of industrial manufacturing in Europe → View

12/10/2016 - PV Magazine: EU-Kommission will Undertaking für fünf weitere PV-Hersteller aufheben → View

12/10/2016 - PV Magazine: Pro und kontra Mindestimportpreise geht weiter → View

22/09/2016 - EUbussiness: EU Trade Ministers: Safeguard European trade defense instruments urge European Manufacturers  → View

22/09/2016 - AEGIS Europe: EU Trade Ministers: Safeguard European trade defense instruments urge European Manufacturers  → View

02/09/2016 - AEGIS Europe: European manufacturing industries call on G20 leaders to tackle widespread Chinese overproduction and overcapacities  → View

14/09/2016 - Daily Mail: China solar panel glut undermines EU-China accord → View

23/08/2016 - Reuters: EU reimposes anti-dumping duties on three Chinese solar panel exporters → View

23/08/2016 - PV Magazine: EU reimposes AD solar duties on three more Chinese companies → View

18/08/2016 - PV Tech: EU Commission cuts five more firms from solar MIP undertaking → View

03/08/2016 - EU Commission: Commission imposes definitive anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel product → View

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